Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Weekend

Well, my week was interesting.

Lets start with Wednesday.
  • My Girlfriend broke up with me because she saw the side of me that wouldn't take peoples shit...I guess "Wie gewonnen, so gewonnen"
Now comes my German State Competition
  • From 4th period I left one campus to go to the other. (We have 2 high schools)
  • Head up to Austin from Houston, with 40 people on a bus.
  • Get bored on the 4 hour bus ride sitting on this laptop listening to music and playing Minecraft (of course.)
  • Get to the hotel and put our things in our room in our (surprisingly) not half-bad Motel 8 room
  • Go up to Barton Creek and meet family here.
  • Buy old N64 games at brand new price(though they all play great) in a place called Press Play (AWESOME PLACE)
  • Head to the hotel and play in the pool for an hour and a half. 
  • Have so much fun!
  • Minecraft, then sleep
  • Wake up at 5:45AM
  • Downstairs for breakfast at 6:30 in 50% folk dance uniform.
  • eat
  • move a gingerbread church
  • leave 30 minutes late because of someone not turning on their phone or talking to any of the chaperones and having them look for him the whole time.
  • get to UT Austin and unpack everything in a painfully slow fashion.
  • walk into main building (UTC, where 3 of my four events are.)
  • deliver gingerbread houses, and there were some GOOD houses there. I may post pictures once i get them.
  • Skit 1 1st, Rapunzel. didn't miss a beat, did great.
  • accidentally signed up for an event at 10:30 instead of 11:30
  • resigned up for event
  • Folk Dancing at 10:20, didn't get in till 10:30, the group before us was intimidating and danced with benches.
  • Walked in, went mostly great, but we messed up at the very first beat: 1 TOO MANY couples
  • 1st dance great, Boarischer besides having 18 when the max was 16
  • 2nd dance great, Aggatanz
  • 3rd dance went great (though they marked us down for our lift "failing" (it didn't) Man in Heu
  • 4th dance great, all male plattl, Praxplattl
  • 5th dance went great, Ziller
  • by the end we had parts of our costume all over the classroom we were preforming in.
  • final score average: 130 out of 150. (would and should have been 145 out of 150, without those two errors i noted)
  • after competition is over
  • go down to Waterloo with 4 others including chaperone.
  • horrible service.
  • manager was our waiter
  • pretty good food though, but would have rathered five guys. don't go
  • came back to UT.
  • gingerbread house was eaten
  • shirts were sold out
  • went down to co-op
  • got a mug with my name on it. of course.
  • saw the famous clocktower
  • awards ceremony
  • got a coffee for free from a friend
  • awards:
  • final place for folk dance: 10th, which is a huge accomplishment, we have never broken top ten
  • final place for Gingerbread: 5th, but considering the amazing houses some of them had, that was huge.
  • final place for Skit 1: 2nd! AMAZING in itself, especially because regions competition we made 4th
  • like 5 people leave without the bus
  • stop in bastdrop for Carl Jr.'s
  • Would have Rathered five guys
  • double bacon cheeseburger with fries, a drink, and BBQ sauce
  • back on bus
  • laptop dies. :(
  • trash bag leaks with my drink.
  • talking to the person I'm sitting with about both of our love life's.
  • mine first
  • about my gf
  • about who likes me
  • about who i like
  • about how i like her, though not in a way that makes talking to each other awkard.
  • about who would make a good match for me and who wouldn't, but not just who i like
  • who i hate.
  • now hers.
  • who she likes
  • who she would be good with
  • etc., etc.,
  • get home knowing a lot more about her, in a good way
  • turn around and pinch my left calf muscle
  • hurts like a boss
  • walk off the bus without shoes and with a limp
  • unpack props and keyboard and things.
  • one of the last people to leave
  • home around 10:45
  • best weekend ever despite being single

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  1. There's a lot to enjoy about the single life. Have fun.