Monday, February 21, 2011

Heres My Favroite Apps/Periphials/Addons (Mixed OS)

  • CamTwist (for livestreaming desktop)
  • CrossLoop (like Teamviewer, but not shitty)
  • As I've said before and will most likely say again: HANDBREAK which is an awesome DVD Ripper
HONER ABLE MENTION: free Microsoft word

  • Gimp VERY good free version of  photoshop
  • Sequential Image viewer. goes in order, as the name says. (MAC ONLY)
  • Paintbrush: Paint for Mac (OBVIOUSLY MAC ONLY)
  • Screenflow; records desktop, but wont livestream. I would love to see these two as one application. (note this application does not have a link because it costs money. be creative.) (MAC ONLY)
  • Steam. no explanation needed.
  • Stuffit Expander will open anything. provided you have the password for it. (MAC ONLY)
  • Thunderbird: mail client from Mozilla
  •  TOR. again, no explanation should be needed.
  • Ventrillo. like Skype, only it costs money to run a server. however, it is dramatically better and takes up much less resources for you to use.
  • Vienna: how I keep in touch with my blogs that I follow (MAC ONLY)
  • Visor. A transparent drop-down terminal (MAC ONLY)
  • And last but not least; an application NO list would be complete without: VLC, the universal media player. I honestly have found no media file it cant play.


    1. Aw snap your blogs kinda like mine, keep it up man.

    2. I remember back in the day, playing WoW on Vent.

    3. i would play wow, but there's the issue of subscribing.

    4. Great list! Tried out CamTwist and I LOVE it haha

    5. ventrillo is awesome. cant never play a game without it!